Skin care in 4 steps and 2 minutes

Four simple steps to healthy, beautiful skin. It doesn’t take more than two minutes twice a day to give your face a full TLC treatment that your skin will thank you for.

Here’s another gorgeous video from Oriflame Cosmetics, introducing the new Optimals Age Revive series: “Maximise your skin’s potential with the Oriflame Youth Enhancing Skin Care Routine, where every step provides the perfect preparation for the next.

Each of our new Optimals skin care ranges offer a tailored solution to a specific skin need – helping you to achieve the optimal balance of care and performance that naturally beautiful skin demands, and you deserve.”

Treat yourself to some natural Swedish beauty products and give your face the natural Swedish beauty treatment it deserves. Let us know if you need help deciding what would be the best series for you and your skin. We have whole sets of skin care for all ages and all types of skin, so no matter what your needs are we can help you pick the products to boost your beauty and make you feel great.

Swedish Spa one of the best beauty routines


We have said before that this is not a shop or even a dedicated sales blog, but every so often we will be pushing for offers we think our followers might be interested in.

This particular Self Pampering Sunday offer, is actually for members of our newly started facebook group Naturally Swedish Friends only.

Self Pampering Sunday offer: Buy all three Swedish Spa products in the picture above for £10 (saving you no less than £13 off normal price!) The current, Catalogue 4, campaign price for all three products is £12.85, but we’re knocking an additional £2.85 off for our Friends.

This Swedish Spa set consists of:

  • Swedish Spa Purifying Face Scrub with Swedish sea algae, sea salt, glycerin and shea butter. Helps remove dead skin cells, smoothens, and renews your skin for a fresh, healthy-looking glow.
  • Swedish Spa Nourishing Body Butter formulated with moisturising Swedish heather flower and conditioning almond oil. It melts into your skin and gives you intense hydration that softens, smooths and improves the condition of your skin without leaving a greasy after-feel.
  • Swedish Spa Nourishing Body Polish, also with moisturising Swedish heather flower and conditioning almond oil exfoliates away dead skin cells.

This set is the perfect pampering treat to nourish and renew your skin; leaving it wonderfully soft and fragrant. Why not buy one for yourself and join our Self Pampering Sunday sessions. Or give one to your, or someone else’s, mother on mother’s day 26th of March. We can even send it to you in a gift bag or packed in a beautiful gift hamper to save you having to gift wrap them.

We also have a special surprise for the Friend who invites the most friends to our  facebook group this month. More info on that will be posted in the group by Wednesday 8 March.