Consultations never get old…

Consultation meeting with prospective new team member on Sunday. The table is set with Swedish fika, some of our favourite products and all the relevant paperwork. We love this part of the job! Meeting new people and showing them what makes Oriflame so special to us never gets old.

Who’s next? Do you want to change your life? Do you think becoming a beauty and wellness consultant would suit you? How about flexible working hours? A chance to start your own business for free? Having an experienced business mentor by your side as you learn the business and work your way up to the level you want to be on?

Give us a call or send us a message and we’ll help you figure it all out!

Can you be a feminist and still like makeup?


Can you be a feminist and still like glam and makeup? (Answers on a pin head, please!) Yes, of course you bloody well can!! ❤💅💄

Can you be a feminist and look at all the beauty industry ads without succumbing to fits of boiling rage, or moments of utter despair? No! It still stinks!! 💩😝😤

So, why are three women who normally spend a lot of time talking about feminism, body positivism, equality, human rights, activism, inclusion, environmental issues etc; lending their faces and voices to promote a Swedish beauty and wellness brand? The short answer is because liking beauty and wellness products does not make you any less of an activist!♀⚢♂⚣⚦♁⚤⚥⚧⚨⚩⚭

Mascara does not make you stop wanting equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities between people. Lipstick does not make you stop caring for the environment, and perfume is not anti activism. In fact, soaps, shampoos, skincare, vitamins, accessories, fragrances, makeup etc can all add to your physical and emotional wellness levels. 📶📈💚

Oriflame is, in many ways, Sweden in a nutshell. It’s a brand that stands for trustworthiness, reliability, closeness to and respect for nature, togetherness, spirit and passion. Combining the wisdom of nature and the best of science, Oriflame has produced high quality, environmentally and animal friendly products with a 30-day money back guarantee for 50 years. That’s why we are happy to call ourselves feminists, activists and Independent Oriflame Consultants. 💚🌱🌳

Wanna join our team? ♀♂⚧

This was a reblog from our Instagram account @naturallyswedish.

The pics in the collage are not ours, they are all borrowed from old Oriflame catalogues and show some products from their gorgeously goldy series the Giordani Collection.