Celebrity MUA Jonas Wramell joins Oriflame

It happens every so often that (especially young) people say they don’t think Oriflame’s products can be any good as they’re not sold in the high street. Or that the beauty tips and tutorials in our Catalogues aren’t right because blogger such-and-such, or celebrity whatsisname, is not doing it that way.

Here at Naturally Swedish, we believe that beauty and wellness are concepts that we all tend to develop very personal ideas and opinions about, and that is probablu just as it should be. We are, however, very proud to be Independent Oriflame Consultants, and we do believe that the Mothership has managed to attract some of the best names in their respective fields to work with.

When it comes to the makeup artistry and that side of the business, Oriflame brought celebrity MUA Jonas Wramell on board as Global Beauty Artistic Director in 2009 and he is still putting his mark on much of the development within the colour cosmetics division. We are well chuffed to be able to learn from such a reputable and sought after MUA and hope his stay with the company will be long and successful.

As for why Oriflame is not on the high street, we’d like to point out that neither is IKEA. It’s just not the Swedish way to always strive for the most expensive position. Sometimes, it makes more sense to take luxury, or normally very expensive, items and produce, package and market them in such a way that they become accessible and affordable for ordinary people too.

Accessible, affordable, cruelty free, environmentally friendly, ethically defensible, nature based and Swedish. These are but a few of the reasons we love Oriflame.