Into the blues: cerulean, azur, royal, midnight, ocean etc

With only four days to go until we close the books for Catalogue 4, we think it’s high time to show off some of the highlights. These are the products we have picked out to show you:

  • because of the great savings offered, up to 70% off;
  • because they are our bestsellers;
  • because they are new products; or
  • just because we really like them!

Accessorising is easy with Oriflame’s great selection of trendy bags, scarves and jewellery. Here is one of our favourites; the Ibiza Cerulean Blue line and matching The One nail varnish.

In the picture above: Ibiza Cerulean Blue handbag £29.95, wallet £17.95, scarf £12.95, necklace £12.95, earrings £5.95 and The One nail varnish/polish blue azur, sea salt, midnight ocean, royal blue, mystic forest and grey moss.


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